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Nationality: German, Italian

Residence: Frankfurt, Germany

Short Bio: Master Degree in Finance. Spent 1,5 years in Brazil for studies and internships. Worked 4 years as broker and asset manager. Worked 5 years as business consultant for international financial institutions. Since 4 years at KfW Bank in the Financial Markets Division. Elected as one of five “super talents” in NFT Talents program cohort 1. Currently, playing around with my own project (partly NFT-based) in my spare time.

Why are NFTs interesting? NFTs contain a claim of ownership. Thus, theoretically they can be used for everything that can be owned. Additionally, they can be designed to have nice visuals, be easily transferable (or be not transferable at all – “soulbound NFTs”), be dynamic with changing features, be interactive, represent fractional ownership, be packageable (for engineering layered or synthetic assets), or be collateralizable, etc. Many real life problems can be made easier and new markets created by smartly applying these features.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: Looked at many projects. Witnessed the strengths and drawbacks of NFTs first hand.

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