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Nationality: Lithuanian

Residence: London, United Kingdom

Short Bio: I am the founder of DesignbyPA, where research, strategy, branding, NFTs, digital space design, metaverse integration, and front-end services are offered for the digital industry. I am a member of the APPG Metaverse and Artificial Intelligence in London, working on the integration of NFT and web3 solutions. I am also part of the Web 3 gaming Guild Commando Meta focusing on NFT, DeFi and the integration of Esports in Web 3.

Why are NFTs interesting? Apart from its digital features such as ownership, authenticity and traceability NFTs are also one of the first milestones which represent the tokenization of the whole world assets.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: Creation, integration and investments in different startups and projects.

My favorite NFT project: Axie Infinity

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