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The blockchain industry consists of 95% males, this has to change.

DLT Talents

DLT Talents fosters leadership in the blockchain, crypto assets, and DLT space which empowers ambitious female talents.
Cohort 9 starts on April 21, 2025 and runs until August 25, 2025.

Apply until March 30, 2025!

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“It is always incredible to see so many smart and motivated women get together to change their lives and the world. DLT Talents does not only mean education for women, it also means community, support, and motivation.”

Daniel HolkProgram Manager

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Program overview

Target group

We target ambitious and committed women interested in a career path in blockchaincrypto assets, or DLT.

Intake Size

200 participants per cohort, 2 cohorts per year, preparing 400 women per year for the DLT job market.

Program duration

18-week long mentoring program, divided into three phases (basics phase, multi-disciplinary phase, concentration phase).


Frankfurt School Blockchain Center


Free of charge by means of scholarship (application required).
Partly financed by the DLT partnership program.

Ethical orientation

Our activities contribute to CSR and UN SDGs

Outline of our mentoring programs

We aim to develop the participants into specialists in a chosen domain after completing the concentration phase

Pyramid program overview DLT Talents

Career opportunities after completing the program

We envision that participants passing through our program are well equipped to follow various career paths

Why should you apply for this program?

Enter into DLT

This program should allow you to get an easy entry into the DLT space and strongly improves your employability.

Structured learning journey

You will also be equipped with the knowledge to understand DLT as a concept and to judge DLT applications.

Thriving network

We will provide a network and contacts to professionals in the DLT space. In such a small yet dynamic and growing field, the breadth and depth of one’s personal network are key.

A DLT “boot camp”

Please only consider applying if you are up to the challenge. In your application, shortly outline what brought your attention to DLT and why you are the right candidate.

Continuous development opportunities

By attending this program, you are eligible for privileged access, including a 20% discount, to DEC Institute’s professional designation programs CDAA® or CBA® to further signify your commitment to professional excellence.

Receive a certificate upon successful completion

You will also receive a custom POAP NFT

DLT Talents certificate

What our Talents say

"This mentorship gave me not only the knowledge but also an opportunity to meet so many talented women and it pushed me outside of my comfort zone to interview an outstanding and achieved expert in this field."

Ringalie ValiaugaiteExecutive Director

"DLT Talents was the best place to start my blockchain leadership journey. Inspirational mentors, guided independent studies, hands-on experience with technology, insightful keynotes of the female leaders in the field and intensive discussions with energetic group was an amazing learning experience."

Tamari AsatianiBlockchain Researcher

"DLT Talents helped and supported me with my first steps around topics such as DLT, Blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse, and Web3 through encouraging mentors, lively exchanges with other talents, and inspiring keynote speakers. As soon as I understood the basics, I couldn't wait to spread my wings and take up a new challenge at work around the Metaverse."

Janne Philine KrahlheerBusiness Analyst

"The DLT Talents Program was an excellent starting point for me to learn about the blockchain industry. I had the opportunity to interact and network with incredibly talented women in the cohort, engage in conducting and presenting my own research through well-guided studies and gain interesting insights from eminent blockchain experts."

Shreeya SinghStrategy Consultant

"DLT Talents was a fantastic experience! The pace is great and the assignments cover topics that help reflect upon various aspects of the industry. What I enjoyed the most was to meet and connect with brilliant women from very different horizons, that were all committed to shape the web3 industry and become the leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers of tomorrow."

Jocelyne RoyerChief Marketing Officer

"Although I knew some benefits and applications before participating in DLT Talents, I had never imagined the extent to which DLT, blockchain and crypto could have an effect on our world of tomorrow."

Janika CollatzEnergy Transofmation

"DLT Talents is an awesome program to dive deep into distributed ledger technologies and their applications. It lives from the exchange with other participants and is flexible regarding the level of detail one want to achieve. For me, the diverse network is the most valuable part of DLT Talents."

Karin WeigeltResearch Scientist

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Are you interested in the DLT Talents Program?

With this program, we seek to empower ambitious women to get involved with DLT, become leaders in this quickly developing space and to build the basis for a successful career path.
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The DLT Talents team

Web3 Talents is operated by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Daniel Holk

Program Manager
DLT/ReFi Talents

Valentin Kalinov

Program Manager
DeFi Talents

Constantin Lichti

Program Manager
Bitcoin Talents

Marc Anders

Head of Web3 Talents

Program Manager NFT Talents

Manuel Müller

Partnerships Manager
Web3 Talents

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