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About Web3 Talents

Kick-start your career in the fields of DLT, DeFi, NFT, and Bitcoin

We are offering FREE 18-week mentoring programs to get you started in web3

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Program overview

Target group

Ambitious and engaged innovators interested in a career in Web3

Intake Size

Every year, 4 cohorts (800+ talents) are made ready to enter Web3

Program duration

18 weeks: basics, multi-disciplinary phase, and concentration phase


Frankfurt School Blockchain Center


The program is 100% FREE through scholarship (application required)

Ethical orientation

Our activities contribute to CSR and UN SDGs

Outline of our mentoring programs

We aim to develop the participants into specialists in a chosen domain after completing the concentration phase

Outline of our mentoring programs

Career opportunities after completing the program

We envision that participants passing through our program are well equipped to follow various career paths

Receive a certificate upon successful completion

You will receive a custom POAP NFT

Web3 Talents certificate

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Web3 Talents is operated by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center

Core Team

Marc Anders

Head of Web3 Talents

Program Manager
NFT Talents

Daniel Holk

Program Manager
DLT & ReFi Talents

Constantin Lichti

Program Manager
Bitcoin Talents

Valentin Kalinov

Program Manager
DeFi Talents

Masud Sultan

Co-Program Manager
DeFi Talents

Cedric Heidt

Core Team
DeFi & ReFi Talents


Co-Program Manager
ReFi Talents

Manuel Müller

Partnerships Manager
(All Talents Programs)

Do you want to become a mentor to our talents?

A mentor inspires a cohort of self-learners to sustain their learning journeys. They can facilitate the learning process by sharing relevant resources to the learning agenda.
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How it all started and where we are today

DLT Talents logo

Launch of DLT Talents

The DLT Talents program was brought into being by Michael SpitzThy-Diep TaDenise DuveAnna LangePhilipp Sandner, and Daniel Holk (project manager) to empower women for leadership positions in the DLT sector. 50 participants embarked on their learning journey with the genesis cohort.

DeFi talents logo

Launch of DeFi Talents

Building upon the success of DLT Talents and against the backdrop of the proliferation of DeFi protocols, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center team decided to launch DeFi Talents. The program is successfully managed by Dominik Peer.

NFT Talents logo

Launch of NFT Talents

Observing the massive brain power locked in the NFT space the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center once again embarked on its mission of community building and education by launching NFT Talents. The program is successfully managed by Marc Anders.

Web3 Talents logo

A community of 5000+ Web3 Talents…

… and still growing! Every year, we onboard more than 1500 talents to our network and help them boost their careers. We decided to streamline the efforts of the different Talents programs by reorganizing and rebranding to Web3 Talents overseen by Dominik Peer.

Bitcoin Talents logo

Launch of Bitcoin Talents

Our Bitcoin Talents program is at the same time paradoxically covering the forefather and pioneer technology of web3: Bitcoin! Bitcoin Talents will trace the origins of blockchain technology and Bitcoin’s future built upon Lightning implementations. The program will be managed by Constantin Lichti.

ReFi Talents logo

Launch of ReFi Talents

Our most recent project, the ReFi Talents program, insightfully dives into the pioneering and innovative world of regenerative finance. ReFi Talents will uncover the foundational principles of this financial paradigm and its potential to redefine economic horizons. The program will be adeptly steered by Abdullah Yildiz.


Are there any age restrictions?

No, as long as you are above the age of 18, people of any age can apply and participate in the Talents programs.

Do early applications increase the chances of admission?

No, we will consider all applications submitted until the deadline of the respective program and cohort.

How many applicants are admitted per cohort?

The usual cohort size is 200 people. If possible, separate morning and afternoon sessions are offered to accommodate candidates sitting in different time zones.

In what language should the CV and motivation letter be written?

The CV and motivation letter need to be submitted in English, as the whole program is also held in English.

At what times will the sessions be held?

This depends on the program that you will be attending. We want to give people worldwide equal access to our program. Thus, we normally offer two time slots, one in the morning and one in the evening (Central European [Summer] Time). For 2024, we’ll streamline to a single evening slot, ensuring widespread participation with minimal schedule changes.

On Slack, where should I post questions related to assignments?

Please post your questions related to the cohort you are participating in in the respective PRIVATE Slack channels. In the #general Slack channel you can find all alumni – let’s be considerate of each other’s limited attention span and time 👍.

Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the program?

No, the Talents programs are free of charge. This is made possible thanks to our Partners.

How often does the program run per year?

Talents programs will be held once annually to ensure each cohort receives focused attention and a rich learning experience. Please note, that for 2024, we’ve decided to put our NFT Talents program on pause.

Can I switch my attendance between the morning and evening sessions?

While we typically offer the flexibility of morning and evening sessions to accommodate diverse schedules, for the current year (2024), we are conducting only evening sessions.

How much time do I need to invest to complete the program?

It depends on your knowledge level and motivation. Generally, the programs are in the design of an inverted classroom. Thus, you are not being lectured, but rather mentored and learning by yourself or in small study groups. The more you put into the program, the more you will learn in the end. We estimate a minimum of 12 hrs per week to successfully finish the program.

Which factors are beneficial for admittance?

Make sure to send in all the documents required of you, in the correct form. Simply Google for best practices! You can find all information on the Internet. Also please ensure that your application is in English. Generally speaking, an interesting and engaging letter of motivation, as well as already existing technical skills can be an advantage.

When will I know if I have been admitted to the program?

This depends on the deadline for applications. After that, we need 1-2 weeks to make the final selection. You should hear back at least 2 weeks before the program starts.

When will I know if I have passed the program?

We will issue a customized PDF certificate as well as a POAP NFT. Therefore, please give us 2 weeks’ time and refrain from inquiries related to the issuance of the certificate during this time period.

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Web3 Talents

Kick-Start Your Career In The Fields Of DLT, DeFi, NFT, And Bitcoin.

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