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Short Bio:
Sunny Jiang is founder and CEO of MaasVentures. She is very active in blockchain and climate tech with Computer Science and International Business background. Sunny is prize winner of the epic Ethglobal New York and San Francisco blockchain hackathon, she connected the major hotspots of web3 in 14 countries and shared her thought leadership as speaker in the world stages including NFT.NYC and Dubai Future Blockchain Summit (web3 technologies for climate actions). Sunny is a seasoned web3 mentor in DLT, DeFi, NFT, Bitcoin and Refi for global talents and startups, and she is an advisory board member of 2tokens foundation active in carbon credit token working group. Sunny is featured as global top 100 women of the future in Emerging tech in 2023 and she is an official member of 100 Davos Women 2024.

When and what was your first touchpoint with ReFi?

What fascinates you most about ReFi?
Position our planet and society at center; leverage transformational power of emerging technology; solve global-level coordination crisis and create a sustainable future

Fun Facts about you:
“She is everywhere and knows everybody”, people said 🙂

Your favorite ReFi protocol/project:


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