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Nationality: Germany

Residence: Frankfurt, Germany

Short Bio: Marc Anders is a Business Engineer and Research Associate at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. Before entering the blockchain sector he gained experience in business planning and development in the automotive and health sector and research and data analysis for renewable energy.

He researches in the area of web3 including DeFi, DApps, DAOs, and NFTs but is also interested in the industrial application of DLT & blockchains.

Why are NFTs interesting? NFTs bring ownership rights to the digital era with many use cases already existing but many more to come. The underlying blockchain technology enables transparent and permissionless processes without the need for intermediaries.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: My first collected NFT was a POAP (Proof-of-attendance-protocol) for attending an event. Since then I have collected several other NFTs e.g. to access DAOs or certificates for completing courses. Besides that, I visited NFT exhibitions and conferences.

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