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We can proudly announce a new partnership between Climate Collective and ReFi Talents! We are looking forward to collaborating with the Climate Collective to strengthen our network and expertise in digital technology for the climate!

About Climate Collective

Climate Collective is an innovation network dedicated to putting digital technologies to work for climate and nature at scale. They support entrepreneurs and investors who are using data and digital technologies (i.e., AI/ML, blockchain, geospatial tech, etc.) to enable people and the planet to thrive. Climate Collective funds technology innovation, contributes to policy entrepreneurship & thought leadership, and ultimately scales adoption through ecosystem building and strategic partnerships.

Why is Climate Collective joining the ReFi Talent programs?

Climate Collective is proud to support the ReFi Talents program to foster learning and exploration into novel technologies that are helping to scale climate action worldwide. The program equips rising talents with the awareness, skills, and community necessary to harness web3 for climate – from core technology and market concepts to challenge areas and opportunities for partnership and innovation. Together, Climate Collective and the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center will demonstrate how these cutting edge applications are driving real world impact.

Alison Filler (Climate Collective Head of Innovation) summarizes it as follows: 

“Blockchain technology and web3 are mass coordination tools that enable us to build greater transparency into climate data, direct more capital into climate finance, and create more measures of accountability towards climate action. We need more programs like ReFi Talents that bring young professionals together with entrepreneurs and leading experts so they can take full advantage of these innovations and actively participate in building a more regenerative economy. Everyone has a role to play in contributing to climate action and we are excited to partner with ReFi Talents to welcome more bright minds into this space.”

Abdullah Melik Yildiz (Program Manager ReFi Talents) is also excited about this new partnership: “The ReFi Talents program is designed to empower leaders in the rapidly evolving realm of regenerative finance, and with Climate Collective’s support, we will further enhance our participants’ knowledge and skills. Their expertise in technologies such as AI/ML, blockchain, and geospatial tech aligns perfectly with our mission to foster learning and exploration in these crucial domains. Blockchain technology and web3 hold immense potential to revolutionize climate action and finance, and by joining forces with Climate Collective, we aim to accelerate this transformative journey. This partnership will enable us to equip our talents with the tools and awareness needed to contribute to global climate action and sustainability efforts.”

Interested? Here you can find more information about Climate Collective:

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