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dwpbank & NFT Talents partnership announcement

Have you heard about our new partner Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG?

Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG (dwpbank) is Germany’s leading securities services provider. Around 1,200 institutions from across the German financial industry rely on its standardised and efficient services, making it a crucial part of the country’s financial infrastructure. The dwpbank keeps millions of transactions stable, proactively develops existing processes and confidently leads its clients through times of change – in all three banking sectors of Germany.
The dwpbank aims to leverage its key position in the market and its proven and strictly regulated securities processes to facilitate easy access to crypto assets for its broad client base. 

“Digital assets are here to stay. They are an integral part of the tech revolution in financial services, which drive digitization to enhance market infrastructures and foster innovation for new products that clients can access and engage with in a regulated environment. For us at dwpbank, education is a critical part of the transformation, helping our employees and clients alike to find their feet in a dynamic digital assets market.” says Sascha Dölker, Head of Digitization Management at dwpbank. “We are excited to partner up with Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and offer education on the technologies that will shape the markets of the future.”

Marc Anders, leading Project Manager, is also very happy about this partnership between dwpbank and NFT Talents: “We are excited to announce the dwpbank as our new partner of the NFT Talents program. The dwpbank brings valuable experience and a strong network into security services. I am looking forward to accompanying the dwpbank on its transformation into the era of digital assets.”


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Jong-Chan Chung

About Web3 Talents

At Web3 Talents we believe that education is the pathway to a successful career. Therefore, we have designed four free 18-week mentorship programs specializing in various Web3 topics. With DLT Talents, DeFi Talents, NFT Talents and Bitcoin Talents we aim to educate a cohort of Talents in the respective topic and help them kick-start their career to become entrepreneurs, technologists, founders, regulators and investors in the respective Web3 industries.

Our track record so far speaks for itself: By now, more than 5000 people have applied for our Talents programs; of these, we have mentored more than 1000 from 2020 to 2022. Following the completion of our program, many of our Talents have successfully entered Web3 industries and founded businesses of their own.

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