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Empowering Talent for Leadership in the Decentralized Finance Space.

Cohort 5 is starting on October 09, 2023.
The application deadline for this cohort is over. Soon we will accept new applicants for 2024!

“Great starting point to learn about the impact and future of decentralized finance”
“Excited to see 200 high-potential people wanting to dive deep in DeFi protocols such as Aave and Uniswap”
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Key facts

Program overview

Target group

Ambitious, engaged innovators interested in a career path in DeFi, crypto assets and DLT.

Duration of the program

18-week long mentoring program, divided into three phases (basics phase, multi-disciplinary phase, concentration phase).


Free of charge by means of scholarship (application required).
Partly financed by the DeFIT partnership program.

Intake size

200 participants per cohort, 2 cohorts per year, making 400 people per year ready for the DeFi job market.


Frankfurt School Blockchain Center (Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner)

Ethical orientation

Our activities contribute to CSR and UN SDGs

Outline of the DeFi Talents mentoring program

We aim to develop the participants into specialists in a chosen domain after completing the concentration phase

Pyramid DeFi

Career opportunities after completing the program

We envision that participants passing through our program are well equipped to follow various career paths



You become an entrepreneur of a great blockchain startup that is quickly funded with more than EUR 1M.



You become a technologist or developer ready to work on blockchain applications or token protocols.


Regulator or lawyer

You become a regulator or lawyer helping to set, change or apply the rules on which a digital society in the future will be based.



You become an investor or venture capital partner helping to shape the future of other startups.



You become a multiplicator or influencer in the blockchain area and an important “node” of the network.

Why should you apply for this program?

Receive a certificate upon successful completion

In addition, you will receive a custom POAP NFT

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What our Talents say:

“The DeFi Talents program is a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, and develop your knowledge in the emerging DeFi ecosystem. The passion of the mentors, participants, guest speakers, and hosts is constant throughout 18 weeks and builds lifelong interpersonal relationships.”
“DeFi Talents program provided me with an opportunity to learn, grow professionally, and build great connections.
No matter which domain or profession one comes from, this program is the right fuel for accelerating their professional engine.”
“DeFi Talents is a program through which I have met many amazing, creative, passionate people who want to create a new reality in Web3. During the project I learned a lot on how DeFi works. I even created a project that might be implemented as a Web3 application in the future.”
“A great program to take your DeFi knowledge to the next level and build a truly global network of like-minded people.
I strongly recommend this program to anyone interested in the Web3 space!”
“The program not only provided a roadmap to accelerate personal learning of the DeFi ecosystem, but also enabled plenty of networking opportunities amongst the talents and mentors in a safe environment which further enhanced the learning and lead to many collaborations.”

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Are you interested in the DeFi Talents Program?

With this program, we seek to empower ambitious innovators to get involved with DeFi, become leaders in this quickly developing space and to build the basis for a successful career path.

The DeFi Talents team