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Name: Sahebe Mehmannavaz

Short Bio: Sahebe holds master degree in Blockchain technology, for the past 22 years she has worked as an engineer, business developer, product manager and director deputy manager. Sahebe cofounded 2-startups companies as well as held executive roles within international factories including the several oil and energy organizations across Korea, UAE, Taiwan, and Turkey. In 2017, Sahebe found her passion working in the exciting DLT and blockchain environment when she purchased her first Bitcoin as an early investor. At the moment she is founder & CEO of DLT Valley®, Advisory board of Tokyo Blockchain Academy, Member board of directors Global Blockchain Woman Alliance and Local Hub Lead GBI. Also, Sahebe is not only a mentor for out DLT Talents, but also for NFT and DeFi Talents. 

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What fascinates you most about DLT? In the past, a ledger used to refer to financial records The main benefits of a distributed ledger are that it is highly secure, transparent, immutable and tamper proof, while entries in this database can occur without the need for third parties. These few things are extremely important. A distributed ledger, if set up correctly, is immutable. This means that once a record has been written onto this ledger it cannot be rectified by another party. Therefore, the data is 100% tamper proof as long as the ledger remains distributed. With distributed ledger technology the scope of these databases has vastly increased. Now, a distributed ledger refers just to the database and does not provide any insight into the contents. The number of use cases of these revolutionary databases is sky high.

My favorite DLT protocol/project: Hyperledger is a collaborative project led by the Linux Foundation that creates enterprise-focused Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and provides open source tools, frameworks, and code libraries. 

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