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Name: Moni Baruwa

Short Bio: Moni is an equipper, builder, freedom crusader, culture shaper, reformer, mind catalyst and a clairvoyant. She envisions a world where Africans are always respected, valued, and seen as equally important. Her mission is to leverage the power of media, culture, education, entrepreneurship and technology to solve some of the most challenging needs Africans face in order to take African nations from poverty into economic prosperity and wealth, and to improve the lifestyle and well-being of Africans globally. Moni Baruwa is a technology professional with over 12 years experience spanning across consulting and the startup industry. She worked as a Technology Consultant for Deloitte Consulting in the US and Nigeria, where she led the re-engineering of complex business processes by leveraging technology to drive efficiency and simplicity for Fortune 100 organizations. She also worked as the Technology & Operations Manager for Africa Courier Express, a logistics startup, where she developed business processes for its inbound and outbound operations to drive business improvement and increase operational efficiency. She is the founder of CountlessMiles (CM), a forward thinking organization that provides solutions that enable and empower Africans to thrive and flourish without limits across several industries and sectors such as media & entertainment, science & technology, hospitality, and social impact. She is the Head of Innovation at Tefy Corp, a tech startup that develops tech solutions around Blockchain, AI and other Web3 technologies for the healthcare, agriculture and finance industry, and she leads its EmTech practice including its research and developmental learning initiatives. She also conceptualizes innovative product ideas and provides strategic direction to drive sustainable business growth. She loves traveling, trying out new experiences, engaging in sporting activities and inspiring people to live a limitless life.

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Fun Fact about you: I was born on the same day as MLK Jr., who is one of my icons and I completed my university degree in the same state he was born.

When and what was your first touchpoint with DLT & Blockchain? In 2021 when I joined Cohort 2 of the DLT Talents Program.

What fascinates you most about DLT? The intrinsic value it can bring to our world. For example through Web3, we can create more trusted & transparent societies or systems because TRUST & TRANSPARENCY are key Web3 elements.

What I like most about Bitcoin: The fact that Bitcoin is such a huge disruptor to an age-old rigid system in the way finance and financial transactions have always been handled by governments and financial institutions.

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