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Name: Filipp Valovich

Short Bio: I am a visionary and passionate innovation leader leveraging my in-depth expertise in blockchain, advanced cryptography and cyber security to drive digital transformation across various industries. My main value proposition is the efficient delivery of highly successful solutions in the most versatile, complex and challenging situations. I showcased this value in numerous projects throughout my career, e.g. with the creation of novel cryptographic algorithms for distributed user privacy, with revolutionizing financial technologies or with the introduction of groundbreaking IT infrastructures for IoT and digital twin use cases in highly conservative industries. I have a strong background in mathematics, theoretical computer science, and cryptography, with a PhD degree and several years of international scientific research experience. With my hands-on experience as a management consultant for distributed ledger technologies and digital assets, I am delivering cutting-edge IT solutions for my clients and strategic partners. As my main mission I consider the introduction of emerging and advanced technologies that profitably shape the global digital future.

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Fun Fact about you: I had a nice conversation about the future of blockchain with Vitalik Buterin at lunch in the Jiao Tong University of Shanghai in 2016. Nearly all predictions have realized!

When and what was your first touchpoint with DLT & Blockchain? It was at a talk by Joseph Bonneau at my university in 2015. He explained what Bitrcoin is and since then, I am fascinated.

What fascinates you most about DLT? The promise of getting back sovereignty.

Your favourite Crypto Influencer: Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Your recommended knowledge resource in the Bitcoin space? My own mind

What I like most about Bitcoin: I like Bitcoin as a pioneer of everything applicable in blockchain.

Your favorite word in Crypto jargon: Hodl

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