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Name: Karolyne Hahn

Short Bio: I’m a Corporate-Consulting-Drop-Out Turned Entrepreneur. I Love Tools, Tech, and Empowering Founders. I provide content and courses around AI, web3, and blockchain technology on LinkedIn, X, and my newsletter, called My goal is to make these technologies more accessible and easy to leverage.

LinkedIn URL:

Fun Fact about you: Understanding web3 and its business opportunities made me quit my corporate job.

What fascinates you most about DLT? Web3 can disrupt everything we know about life online and who controls it. The whole idea about cutting intermediaries and taking back ownership is what hooked me to go down the rabbit hole.

Your favourite Crypto Influencer: Anthony Pompliano

Your recommended knowledge resource in the Bitcoin space? CryptoTwitter (or X), esp. @MessariCrypto, @CozomoMedici, @LynAldenContact, @AP_Abacus, @cdixon, @JasonYanowitz, @balajis, @a16zcrypto

What I like most about Bitcoin: No one controls it, and it has a limited supply.

Your favorite word in Crypto jargon: Keep HODLing and BTD.

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