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Name: Dr. Laura Reder

Short Bio: Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Laura, a curiosity maxi with a background in Supply Chain / Logistics and Industry 4.0. In 2021, I started exploring crypto and since then, I’ve been stuck in this rabbit hole :D. My background includes a Ph.D. in Management, and I’ve worked in multiple roles in Consulting, Research Institutions, and currently in Software Development for a corporation. In 2022, I discovered digital writing on X and also co-launched a newsletter called “Just The Metrics” to cut through the crypto noise #FollowTheMetricsNotTheHype :). This newsletter led to the publication of the book “A 3-Step Assessment Framework for Layer 1 Blockchains” , available as an NFT. Recently, we started a YouTube channel to dive deeper into blockchain tech space by interviewing founders, developers, and VCs, thus creating a platform to share their deeply technical knowledge.

LinkedIn URL:

Twitter (X):

Fun Fact about you: I started writing about Blockchain Metrics, then about AI, and then I switched back to Blockchain topics 😀

When and what was your first touchpoint with DLT & Blockchain? When I started investing and writing about what I learned in 2021.

What fascinates you most about DLT? The fact that blockchain gives us the power and responsibility of being our own bank.

Your favorite Crypto Influencer: I like to follow a16z, Lyn Alden, and Raoul Pal.

Your best knowledge resource in the blockchain space? I really like newsletters because they are easy to consume and hit your inbox daily to keep you up to date. Some I read daily include The Block, Bankless, and the Milkroad for the memes 🙂

My favorite DLT protocol/project: Right now, I find the developments toward Move VMs interesting. So, I’m following projects like Sui, Aptos, and Monad.

Your favorite word in Crypto Jargon: WAGMI= We are all gonna make it 😀

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