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Name: Jasvin Bhasin

Short Bio: A computer engineer, data science enthusiast, business leader and strategy consultant, I am founder of bridge.the.NEXT( ) – a “think-and-do tank” based in Munich. The mission is to bridge the gap between businesses, individuals, and society by fostering a systemic understanding of emerging trends such as web3, AI, quantum computing, blockchain and others.

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Fun Fact about you: I have co-built award winning products and solutions at worldwide hackathons with the developer communities in Miami, Toronto, Lisbon and more.

What fascinates you most about DLT? Web3 is particularly significant because for the first time people below and above the equator have an equal opportunity to to have a “seat at the table”. Self-taught developers and ecosystem creators are developing solutions that are not limited to just one country or continent. With the advent of generative AI, this inclusivity becomes even more significant. This technology is not limited to a Silicon Valley in a single country or continent, but has the potential to establish a Silicon Valley in every household around the globe.

What I like most about Bitcoin: As a former computer engineer, I find the “digitalization” and “codification” of forms of value highly interesting. The technological redundancy and global availability of a fintech offering at this scale has been unprecedented.

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