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Name: Alexandra Overgaag

Short Bio: Alexandra is the Founder & CEO of Thrilld Labs, a start-up that lets Web3 projects, VCs, and Angel investors assess each other to talk funding, business, and partnerships instantly. She is a former DLT Talent and a Mentor at NFT Talents and BTC Talents and holds several academic degrees across disciplines, including law and political science. She is passionate about bridging Web3 to new audiences and bringing people together to create new synergies. In her free time, she writes for the Cointelegraph. Do reach out to her to chat on Web3 or business anytime!

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What fascinates you most about DLT? As a Web3 advocate and enthusiast, I’m fascinated by the enhancing opportunities that DLT and Web3 can bring to individuals and societies. DLTT opened my eyes to Web3, entrepreneurship opportunities, and the importance of breaking down access barriers. Those values are directly reflected in my company, as we seek to support people working in Web3 worldwide in an open-access manner!

Fun Facts about you: I’m a long-time bartender and mixologist, and I also tend to mix the Italian, English and Dutch languages when speaking passionately about something!

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