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Name: Sunny H.Y. Jiang

Short Bio: Sunny H.Y. Jiang works in the knowledge transfer and start-up innovation ecosystem in the Netherlands for almost 10 years. She has Computer Science (Bsc.) and International Business (Msc.) background. She works broadly with entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policy makers and supported/coached more than 50 ventures. She combines uniquely blockchain developer skill with business vision. She is DLT talent and NFT talent of Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and fellow member of Digital Euro Association.

LinkedIn URL:

When and what was your first touchpoint with DeFi? Uniswap

My favorite DeFi protocol/project: MakerDAO

What fascinates you most about DeFi? Infinite innovation and financial inclusion

Your favourite Crypto Influencer? Gavin Wood

Fun Facts about you: Can’t stop visiting galleries, art fairs and museums during holiday

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