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Name: Pascal Kurzawa

Short Bio: Pascal was born in Germany. He is a former athlete of the martial arts and a finance graduate from ESB Business School. He founded fintech ventures across traditional finance and Web3, led several successful investment rounds and is an experienced growth manager. Prior to this he has worked for large corporates like Oerlikon and Daimler. Over an eye opening trip to Nepal, he has devoted himself to make financial services more accessible + has been in the industry ever since. He is currently leading growth at two ventures, Wallet Engine (CGO) and Verso Finance (Founder). Both tackle existing weaknesses of financial infrastructure.

LinkedIn URL:

When and what was your first touchpoint with DeFi? In 2019, I was in Tokyo and got invited to a Bitcoin meetup (I actually only went because of free food). Panelists talked also about DeFi and Gaming. The speeches sparked my curiosity and I got more into it (sushi was also pretty good)!

My favorite DeFi protocol/project: Beefy Finance & Avalanche

What fascinates you most about DeFi? The thought how (in theory) everyone with mobile phone or a laptop with a working internet connection could access efficient financial services. Especially a great use case for microfinance~! Still a long way to go though.

Your favourite Crypto Influencer? Emin Gun Sirer & Bankless HQ

Fun Facts about you: Never bluffing. My friends once called me crazy when I came up with the idea to cycle all the way up to the arctic circle on a mountain bike – but did it anyway.

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