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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Till Eisenberger

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Nationality: German

Residence: Germany

Field of study: Business Economics

University: Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg

Work experience: Next to my studies in business economics, I made the leap into self-employment in 2017 to gain more independence. Initially, I worked as a bartender and waiter in a variety of venues, including clubs, bars, restaurants, and at numerous events. Later I came in contact with a consultant and worked as an operations specialist for over 4.5 years. My tasks included data maintenance, archiving, proofreading and research. Additionally, I was in charge of organising and providing technical support for hybrid events, ensuring a seamless integration of virtual and physical elements. My role also involved coordinating various events and meetings, managing resources and maintaining relationships with stakeholders. Next to that I was involved in a startup developing an organising app for students as a partnership & marketing manager for 1.5 years. My role focused on acquiring new partnerships with student councils, managing existing collaborations, and devising marketing strategies to boost the startup’s brand and product visibility. I also designed and implemented sponsorship concepts to support student council events, initiatives, and projects. Since April 2021, I have been working as an Agile Business Generalist at AGILE ACADEMY GmbH, where I trained as a Certified Agile Coach, and obtained additional agile certifications like Professional Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner, OKR Master, and participated in Management 3.0 Workshops. In this versatile role, I contribute to the company’s development and growth, engaging in digital marketing, strategic planning, designing online campaigns, optimising our social media strategies, and analysing performance data to improve our online presence. My past projects include contributions to SEO optimisation, brand development, and marketing strategy formulation, alongside participating in recruiting and placing professionals. I’m continually seeking new opportunities and collaborations that challenge me and allow for mutual growth. If you’re interested in connecting and discussing potential projects or partnerships, please don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂

Current affiliation: OVGU Magdeburg, AGILE ACADEMY GmbH

Current position: Master student, Agile Business Generalist

Why is Bitcoin interesting? I drive for a better world and Bitcoin is a great opportunity to make the world to a better place. I believe that it will make the world fairer, sustainable, inclusive and gives freedom & power to the people.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: In the Bitcoin Space since 2020
– attending Various Conferences and Events around the world (e.g. Sydney, Innsbruck, Amsterdam and more).
– Giving free educational workshops
– Planning of starting a Bitcoin Startup

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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