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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Marc Seppi

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Nationality: Italy

Residence: Zurich

Field of study: Finance

University: Lund University

Work experience: Business consulting

Current affiliation: Not provided

Current position: M&A Consulting

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Technological advances are happening at a rate faster than our ability to understand them which advances efficiency and abundance—and they are profoundly deflationary. Our economic systems were built for a pre-technology era that counted on easy credit growth and inflation. I strongly believe that our economic system built for the past does not cope with the ongoing global situations making the world profoundly more polarized and unsafe. I am firmly convinced that we need to build a new framework for our economies, otherwise, the same technology that has the power to bring abundance to our world will instead destroy it. Therefore, I see it as increasingly vital to comprehend Bitcoin as an alternative monetary system.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: With a Master’s in Finance, academia taught me that our financial system relies on debt, with 2% inflation seen as vital for growth. However, my trajectory took a transformative turn through Jeff Booth’s ‘The Price of Tomorrow’, showing that technological advancements lead to deflation. From that moment onward, my perspective about our economic systems has changed and embraced my curiosity for Bitcoin.

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