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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Teresa Pachernegg

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Nationality: Austria

Residence: Switzerland

Field of study: Tourism

University: HBLA Oberwart

Work experience: 10+ years of experience in customer success management, project management and relationship management

Current affiliation: Volunteer at Bitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin Racing, Self-Imployed with, Helping with the organization of Bitcoin conferences, Organization of regional meetups

Current position: Customer Success Manager

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Bitcoin offers peer-to-peer transactions in a decentralized matter, enabling borderless transactions with currently lower fees compared to traditional financial services. Its limited supply of 21 million and cryptographic security model provide financial sovereignty. Unconfiscatable, once settled unchangeable, non-custodial, unduplicatable, uncensorable and unstoppable!

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: – Bitcoin Conferences
– Self-Employment (
– Payments IRL in El Salvador & Switzerland
– Buying & Hodling
– Project Manager at Bitcoin Racing

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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