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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Rodrigo van Asseldonk

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Nationality: Netherlands

Residence: Nijmegen

Field of study: Honoursstudent Law and Corporate Finance & Control

University: Radboud University

Work experience: Currently studying. Founder of several non-profit organizations: Legal clinic & Business Counter ran by students, Students Blockchain Association Netherlands and the European Students Blockchain Coalition. Besides, I have done some community work in the Dutch Web3 space, organizing Web3 events.

Current affiliation: European Students Blockchain Coalition

Current position: President

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Humanity’s monetary evolution has traversed a remarkable journey, from primitive forms like seashells to the modern era where we witness the emergence of Bitcoin. Unlike seashells, Bitcoin represents a scarce digital asset, operating on a decentralized and peer-to-peer network. This transformative shift highlights the evolution of money from tangible and abundant to a finite, digital form that transcends geographical boundaries and traditional financial structures.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: I embarked on my Bitcoin journey a few years ago when a friend introduced me to it. Initially skeptical, I cautiously ventured into the captivating world of cryptocurrency and found myself irresistibly drawn down the proverbial rabbit hole of its intricacies. In October of last year, I had the privilege of sharing my journey at the Bitcoin Conference in Amsterdam. Following this, I am delighted to announce my acceptance into the Bitcoin Talents Program. Currently, my primary focus is on managing my inaugural Bitcoin Node, with active participation in the network as my short-term goal. Looking ahead, I aspire to venture into mining as my next endeavor.

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