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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Ferdinand Wegener

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Nationality: German

Residence: Cologne, Germany

Field of study: Law

University: University of Cologne

Work experience: Multiple internships and jobs in law and international business firms

Current affiliation: Student at the University of Cologne

Current position: Research Assistant with the China Desk of the M&A practice of Luther Rechtsanwälte mbH

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Bitcoin is a tool for personal and political empowerment that provides the first opportunity for humans to take full control of their money and thereby a significant part of their freedom back into their own hands and away from the government. This will lead to the unbanked being included into the economy, and will also get rid of the many negative side effects of inflation and FIAT money that plague our society and politics and set the wrong economic incentives. It will also make the switch to renewable energy easier by providing the world with a beneficial task, Bitcoin mining, that can be done anywhere and anytime with profit incentive, thereby allowing renewable energy to become viable in remote areas like deserts, where the sun is strongest for solar energy but where there was no need before. This energy can then be “transferred” worldwide via the benefits of the Bitcoin network, freeing capacity up elsewhere.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: I mined Bitcoin in my University dorm, traded it for a while, wrote and published legal research papers on it and am hodling it for an amount of time I am not willing to disclose.

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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