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Short Bio:
Nadine is an expert in operations as well as business-, product- and strategy development. During her time at a green mobility scale up, she has built and led a local site and later on managed the customer service for Central Europe. Additionally, she gained extensive knowledge, especially in the field of emerging technologies, in the IT department of an SDAX company and while building the digital strategy of an internationally operating media company..

What fascinates you most about ReFi?
Regenerative Finance (ReFi) fascinates me most for its innovative approach to aligning financial activities with environmental sustainability. By incentivizing investments in projects that regenerate ecosystems, ReFi not only addresses climate change but also pioneers a new, ethical paradigm in finance, blending profitability with planetary health.

Your favorite ReFi protocol/project:
Rebalance.Earth, Carbify, Open Forest Protocol


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