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Nationality: Palestinian/American

Residence: Ramallah, Palestine

Short Bio: Dr. Al-Salqan is the co-founder and CEO of i-Jaffa.Net Software, and has a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Before starting i-Jaffa.Net, he worked as a senior security engineer at Sun Microsystems in Silicon Valley, USA, and before Sun was a research professor at West Virginia University.  He has registered 10 patents in the USA and Europe in Internet Security and PKI and chaired and spoke at many international conferences including RSA Conference, JavaOne, IEEE COMPSAC, and IEEE Enterprise Security Workshop and published more than 50 referred articles.
Dr. Al-Salqan is a mentor to NFT Talents, DLT Talents, and Bitcoin Talents Programs and was voted as a Bitcoin Talent Superstar.

Why are NFTs interesting? I am interested in NFT, especially dynamic NFT as a utility and identity token that goes beyond art.  NFT can be used  in many business use cases to solve many inconveniences and challenges.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: Dr. Al-Salqan is an alumni of the NFT Talents Program.  Working on using dynamic NFT and Lightning Network in Web3 loyalty solution (iLoya).

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