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We proudly announce our partnership with DekaBank for the upcoming cohorts of DLT Talents. They will be part of DLT Talents and thus Web3 Talents in the future, supporting our mission to make blockchain and DLT more equal.

About DekaBank
DekaBank is the securities provider of the German Savings Banks Finance Group (Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe). With total customer assets of EUR 381 billion (as of 31/12/2024) and 5.5 million securities accounts, DekaBank is one of the largest securities services providers and real estate asset managers in Germany. DekaBank is a pioneer in the development of infrastructure for and use of distributed ledger technology in the financial market.

Why is DekaBank joining the DLT Talents program?

The financial market is facing a revolution with distributed ledger technology at the center of it. As the securities house of the German savings banks, we are committed to making the advantages and new products that this technology offers accessible to the savings banks and their customers.

Marion Spielmann, COO Banking Business Units and Depositary at Deka, describes the rationale behind the partnership as follows: “We intend nothing less than the digital transformation of the securities business. The DLT Talents program enables our female employees to deepen their knowledge and expand their network, and us to attract further talent for our exciting mission.

Daniel Holk, leading Project Manager at DLT Talents is also excited about this new partnership between DekaBank and DLT Talents:
We are thrilled about being partners with Deka for DLT Talents in the future. As the first German bank to issue a crypto security and other subsequent projects, DekaBank is undeniably at the forefront of the use of DLT in the financial market. Marion Spielmann, who has been significantly involved in DekaBank’s activities from the very beginning, is an ideal role model for women who want to get more active in this field and thus a perfect fit for our DLT Talents program. I am excited to see many of their knowledgeable employees in our sessions in the future and cannot wait to start our next cohort with them at our side.

If you are interested in more information please visit their website:

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