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In this interview, Levent Bülbüldere had the pleasure of speaking with Luca Ferrarese, a PhD student at ETH Zurich whose work focuses on inflammatory skin diseases. In his free time, Luca enjoys practicing calisthenics and exploring his interest in Bitcoin. With his unique combination of expertise in molecular biology and Bitcoin, Luca shares his thoughts on why he became interested in Bitcoin, how he came across the Bitcoin Talents program, and what he plans to do after completing the program. Additionally, Luca talks about his ability to make compelling slides and how his background in research has helped him to present complex issues in a simple way. We hope you enjoy this interview and gain valuable insights into Luca’s experiences and perspectives.

Two people talking on ZoomLevent: Who is Luca Ferrarese? Describe yourself in two sentences.
Luca: I am a PhD student at ETH Zurich and my work focuses on inflammatory skin diseases. In my free time, I use calisthenics and my great interest in Bitcoin as a balance.

Levent: I believe the mix of being a PhD candidate in molecular biology and a profound knowledge in Bitcoin is relatively rare. What convinced you to get involved with Bitcoin?
Luca: It all started when I failed to comprehend why relying on savings is insufficient for securing one’s financial future. Since I felt the need to invest in order to keep my purchasing power over time, I got involved with financial investments. Eventually I came across Bitcoin. During my research in this area, I was particularly impressed by how many things I took for granted in everyday life – such as money. Sounds trivial, but you would be surprised by how little people know about something they use everyday.

Levent: How did you come across Bitcoin Talents? And why did you finally decide to apply?
Luca: I saw a LinkedIn post by Professor Philipp Sandner about the new Bitcoin Talents program and thought to give it a try, especially because the focus of this course is Bitcoin only. In general, I think this program is well-suited for both beginners and experienced people. Beginners can acquire broad knowledge about Bitcoin, while experts can meet like-minded people and expand their network.

Levent: What are your plans after completing our Bitcoin Talents program?
Luca: The very first thing I will do is finishing my PhD. I also really enjoy working in research. In principle, however, I’m open to everything that comes up and I’m excited to see what the future holds for me.

Levent: Where did you learn to make such good slides for your impressive assignments?
Luca: As a researcher, you must learn to present very complex issues in a simple way. I make use of this ability in my presentations. Personally, I also put a visual focus on my presentations because it gives me great pleasure.

Thank you very much Luca for this great interview. It was a lot of fun!

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