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Name: Piotr Swierzy

Short Bio: Piotr Swierzy is an experienced blockchain developer and CEO of BlockyDevs, a company that specializes in providing comprehensive blockchain solutions. With a focus on smart contracts, NFTs, DEX, and DeFi, Piotr has contributed to various blockchain projects, including decentralized exchanges, NFT drops, launchpads, and marketplaces.

He has won awards at several hackathons, including ETHWarsaw and ETHBrno, where he developed Freech, a dapp that allows users to comment and vote on comments on any website, and MetaMail, a dapp that links Gmail addresses to Ethereum addresses. As CEO of BlockyDevs, Piotr is responsible for customer acquisition and developing business strategies to help clients achieve their goals.

LinkedIn URL:

What fascinates you most about DLT? The possibility to create more transparent, traceable and efficient solutions in the ESG and finance space.

His favorite DLT protocol/project: Uniswap and Tornado cash

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