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Name: Irène Binder

Short Bio: Irène is a Finance Executive, Entrepreneur and Board Advisor. She has worked for over two decades in finance executive roles and as CFO at corporates and start ups and founded a family office for real estate investment. On top of this, Irene is a blockchain expert, mentor and speaker in this field.

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When and what was your first touchpoint with DLT & Blockchain? My colleagues at Margin introduced me to Bitcoin and blockchain in 2017 and since then I found my passion in working in DLT and blockchain.

What fascinates you most about DLT? The power of changing industries, societies and its inclusiveness.

Her favorite DLT protocol/project: Is still ETHERIUM because it allows the creation of a huge spectrum of applications such as decentralised finance platforms, NFTs and also DAOs to build all sorts of smart contracts on this blockchain.

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