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Nationality: Georgian

Residence: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Field of study: BSc Innovative and Investment Management & MSc International Finance and Economics

University: BSc Moscow _ MSc Nuremberg, Germany

Work experience: I have experience in Risk Management, Internal Controlling Systems, Debt Capital Markets Origination for FIs and worked in Audit for Wealth and Asset Management companies.

Current position: Client Manager in Securities Services, Custody and Safekeeping at Deutsche Bank

Why is blockchain interesting? I was always eager to learn about new technologies and the potential that they might have for other industries. It is fascinating to witness how the blockchain ecosystem influences the financial industry and drives changes, as well as the financial sector tries to adapt to new realities. Particularly interested in Digital Custody Solutions as investors increase the share of digital assets in their portfolios and what will be the shape of it.

My touchpoints with blockchain so far: My touchpoints with blockchain so far: first crypto trading experience, work-related touchpoints, DLT Talents program.



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