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Nationality: Ukrainian

Residence: Temporarily in Poland, waiting for the victory of Ukraine

Field of study: Brand Strategy & Marketing, Management of the Marketing teams

University: National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, 2014

Work experience: I’m a CMO, Brand Marketer and Communications Expert for Web3 Products. I work with corporate clients on Marketing and with Founders and C-level on a Personal Brand Strategy.

I have worked with blockchain products since 2017, leading a marketing and brand direction and being well-informed about web3, blockchain and crypto markets. One of the companies I worked with is the British fintech (DeFi+CeFi) company Wirex.

In the past, I founded an agency focusing on IT products’ services: go-to-market strategy, brand marketing, UX/UI design, and development of mobile apps and websites. The agency’s clients were from Ukraine, Norway, Great Britain, Canada, and Israel.

Also, I’ve had experience working at international advertising agencies as a creator of brands and advertising campaigns, including supervising the process of full-cycle video and radio production.

Current position: CMO, Brand Strategist, Consultant

Why is blockchain interesting? Because it’s a powerful and game-changing technology that gives new opportunities for many people. Blockchain has already changed the way data is stored, the financial world, and the way people interact with other people and organizations. To be continued!

My touchpoints with blockchain so far: I work with blockchain-oriented projects, use DeFi applications, create content about web3 marketing strategies.



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