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Nationality: Kyrgyz

Residence: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Field of study: Business Administration

University: American University of Central Asia

Work experience: I am self employed

Current position: I am an entrepreneur

Why is blockchain interesting? As a crypto investor, I am interested in blockchain because it offers decentralized and secure transactions, transparency, immutability, and the potential for innovative financial instruments and decentralized applications (dApps). These features enable me to participate in a trustworthy ecosystem, mitigate risks, explore new investment opportunities, and leverage the benefits of a disruptive technology that can revolutionize various industries.

My touchpoints with blockchain so far: With my three years of experience as a crypto trader, along with my internship at a crypto startup, my current internship at a blockchain analytical center, and my work in a bitcoin mining company, I have gained comprehensive exposure and hands-on involvement in the blockchain industry. These experiences have allowed me to understand the inner workings of blockchain technology, its applications in cryptocurrencies and beyond, as well as its impact on various sectors. I have gained insights into trading strategies, market dynamics and blockchain analytics. These touchpoints have provided me with valuable knowledge and practical experience in the blockchain space, enabling me to navigate the industry with confidence and expertise.



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