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Name:  Tony Kim

Short Bio: Tony Kim is a Blockchain Enthusiast and Presales Consultant at Metaco with a strong focus on Decentralized Finance.

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My favorite DeFi protocol/project: My current(early 2022) favorite DeFi protocol is Maple Finance because they offer undercollateralized lending opportunities for large institutions, driving the institutional DeFi adoption at a fast pace with appr. $1bn USD in TVL.

What fascinates you most about DeFi? Coming from the traditional finance world, DeFi fascinates me because it leverages innovative code and programming languages instead of financial intermediaries. Eventually, every business model of the traditional finance world, like lending and borrowing, investment banking, brokerage services, will be replaced by DeFi protocols governed by smart contracts and automated market makers. On top of that, banks will have DeFi connectivity in place for the retail customer to consume, and they will mainly be custodians offering secure wallet management systems for digital assets. Also, I am making a huge bet on the metaverse and the development and implementation of AR, VR technology in our daily lives.

When and what was your first touchpoint with DeFi? First touchpoint: Trading DeFi coins on Binance Futures, in 2020. Last touchpoint: Buying Meta Toy Dragonz NFT in 2022. Fun Facts about you I Went to 8 different schools over the course of elementary and high school due to moving from Germany to South Korea back and forth!


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