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Name:  Emilio Barbieri

Short Bio: Industrial Engineer turned to web3 wanderer. BA @ Labrys. Ethereum Aligned Individual excited about decentralizing the future.

LinkedIn URL:

My favorite DeFi protocol/project: Liquity

What fascinates you most about DeFi? For me it’s two main things: 1) The fact that you dont need any intermediary to execute the different transactions or custody your assets and 2) the transparency of it all, whereby we are able to pinpoint certain events and addresses at any given point in time – this is a massive step up from the current financial system, which is very opaque by design. 

Your best knowledge resource in the DeFi space? Ben Giove from Bankless, The Defi Edge, Dy.

When and what was your first touchpoint with DeFi? Uniswap back in 2020’s “DeFi Summer”.

Your favorite Crypto Influencer: Anthony Sassano

Your favorite word in Crypto Jargon: Rekt

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