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Name:  Cesare Papa Malatesta

Short Bio: I have graduated from a Bachelor in Economics and Computer Science from Bocconi University in Milan. I am currently enrolled in the Master of Finance at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. I have also completed the DeFi Talents Program.  

LinkedIn URL:

My favorite DeFi protocol/project: Bitcoin

What fascinates you most about DeFi? My interest in Defi started due to my studies in Computer Science and my personal interest in Finance. Being interested in both areas and trying to understand what career path I wanted to pursue, the current developments of Defi started growing on me particularly for two main reasons. Firstly, I believe the financial sector has implications that stem to many areas of our personal lives and has the power to bring a positive change within our society. With Defi, smart contracts and blockchain, we find ourselves with an opportunity to extend financial services to a much wider range of people, cutting the costs and barriers to entry. This may lead to an increase in financial control and stability for people that don’t regularly have access to a financial infrastructure which is safe. Secondly, Defi is bringing a wide array of new financial products that are more efficient and powerful than what currently exists within the industry and can extend beyond national borders, reaching consumers all over the world with less costs.

Your best knowledge resource in the DeFi space? Twitter

Your favorite word in Crypto Jargon: Bitcoin Maximalist

When and what was your first touchpoint with DeFi? My first touchpoint with Defi was during the first Covid-19 lockdown, with plenty of time to study the necessary introductory whitepapers.

Fun Facts about you: In the summer you can find me fishing for octopus in the Italian coast.


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