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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Dominic Theunis

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Nationality: Austria

Residence: Graz

Field of study: Not provided

University: Bildungsakademie der österreichischen Versicherungwirtschaft

Work experience: Not provided

Current affiliation: Coinfinity

Current position: Head of Sales

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Bitcoin is not only a great store of value, but might be the “hardest” money ever known to mankind. That said it might also evolve into the fair money our world desperatly needs, since our current fiat-system got out of hand, starting in 1971. The social and economic possibilities implied in these possible developements might very well be a gamechanger for a lot of problems that plague our modern society. So after all, what better field to act in, is there?

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: Aside from the usual and casual investement in the asset Bitcoin I also gather more and more experience in my position as the “Head of Sales” from Coinfinity. One of the oldest Bitcoin only brokers there is and an expert in its field.

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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