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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Tanja Nenadović

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Nationality: Serbian

Residence: Slovenia

Field of study: Electrical Engineering & Biology, enrolled in an MBA

University: University of Maribor, University of Belgrade

Work experience: Crypto and pharmaceutical industry – R&D, marketing and operations

Current affiliation: EUCI (European Crypto Initiative)

Current position: Event manager

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Bitcoin interests me not just as a currency, but as a tool for addressing challenges in economics, science, and finance. The opportunity it provides to reshape the entire financial system doesn’t come often. Moreover, I love that it’s built for our current society, acknowledging our humanity and vulnerabilities, as it operates without relying on blind trust. Paradoxically, this approach sparks societal change, guiding it towards the ideals that we, as a society, aspire to achieve.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: I worked in Crypto Exchanges and crypto-related companies, held presentations on DAOs, invested into different currencies, played with mining, hodled & most recently, used Lightning to pay for sangria in Portugal. 🙂

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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