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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Sabrina Goerlich

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Nationality: German

Residence: Stuttgart

Field of study: Business Design, Design Thinking, Emerging Technologies

University: University of Pforzheim, Faculty Design

Work experience: Sabrina is the founder and CEO of Designsprintstudio, an innovation studio with focus on combining human centered design and emerging technologies. With AI Design Sprints, Web3 Sprints and Design Thinking training she enables user-centric product development with multidisciplinary teams. She also contributes to the venture builder w3-ff as a fractional CPO, building startups around decentralized identity. Dedicated to female empowerment and web3 she is leading the Beyond DLT Talents community being a DLT, NFT and ReFi Talent herself.

Current affiliation: Not provided

Current position: CEO | Founder | Fractional Venture CPO | Community Leader

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Because it’s a powerful and game-changing technology that gives new opportunities for many people. Bitcoin has multiple perspectives and invites a philosophical approach to the technology. It is one way to solve climate change and despite POW as a high energy consumption there is innovation for energy transformation into value.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: I’ve invested in Bitcoin since 2021, I’m in a female Bitcoin group and I had conversations with several people.

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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