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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Przemysław Kępczyński

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Nationality: Poland

Residence: Warsaw

Field of study: Computer Science, Finance, Law

University: Technical University of Lodz, SGH Warsaw School of Economics

Work experience: My journey in the world of finance and technology began with a strong academic foundation at both the Lodz University of Technology and the Warsaw School of Economics. This foundation granted me a unique perspective on the innovative intersection of these fields, especially in the realm of decentralized finance. My professional experience at esteemed institutions like XTB and Alior Bank has only reinforced my belief in the unparalleled potential of decentralized systems. My passion was truly ignited in 2013 when I ventured into the domain of blockchain. Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to understanding the intricacies of decentralized protocols, notably DAOs. My research into the interplay of game theory with consensus mechanisms in decentralized structures stands as a testament to my commitment to building systems that are not just technologically advanced, but also fair, efficient, and trustworthy.

Current affiliation: As a co-founder and partner at Legalteq, I am deeply engaged in providing specialized support for cases of cryptocurrency theft, leveraging my expertise in game theory for strategic negotiation in investment contracts. Beyond our firm, I also conduct mediations at the District Court of Warsaw, where I apply my skills to foster consensus and resolve disputes effectively. This commitment to mediation underscores my approach to managing and resolving conflicts within investment projects, aiming for harmonious outcomes. Simultaneously, I am pursuing a doctoral thesis that delves into the legal implications and status of smart contracts within private law, reflecting my dedication to tackling the complex issues brought forth by decentralization. This academic endeavor enriches my professional practice, offering a profound understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the evolving legal landscape of digital transactions.

Current position: Partner

Why is Bitcoin interesting?
Bitcoin is particularly interesting due to its innovative consensus mechanism, known as Proof of Work (PoW), which allows for secure and decentralized transaction verification without the need for a trusted central authority. PoW leverages game theory to incentivize network participants (miners) to act honestly through a system of rewards and penalties, ensuring the integrity and immutability of the network. Additionally, Bitcoin introduced the concept of a digitally scarce currency, which, combined with cryptographic security, creates a unique form of digital value not subject to control by any institution or government.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: Bitcoin is an innovative financial instrument that, despite not always being classified as a traditional financial instrument from a legal standpoint, combines features typical of both the stock market and the foreign exchange (Forex) market. Its value as a digital currency mirrors that of currencies in the Forex market, offering opportunities for exchange and speculation. Simultaneously, due to its limited supply and the way new bitcoins are introduced into circulation through a process known as “mining,” it also resembles stocks, where value can increase with demand and investors’ perception of value. This unique blend of characteristics positions Bitcoin at the forefront of financial innovation, paving new paths for future financial instruments in the digital age.

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