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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Maria AJ. Lindström

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Nationality: Swedish

Residence: Sweden

Field of study: Not provided

University: 4 years Masterprogram at Stockholm University, 1 year fellowship KI & KTH

Work experience: Ex IR, Sales & Marketing manager Hilbert Group (crypto hedgefund) & 10+ years in Nordic deeptechstartups

Current affiliation: Freelance consult

Current position: Digital Business Developer web3 and web2

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Bitcoin is a groundbreaking financial innovation, pioneering the use of cryptocurrency to offer a decentralized alternative to traditional currencies and banking systems. It represents a shift towards financial freedom, enabling direct transactions between peers without intermediaries. Philosophically, it champions autonomy and challenges centralized control, presenting a monetary system independent of any single authority. Bitcoin’s blockchain technology underpins a future vision of decentralized networks which can be vied as a new infrastucture, promising enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency in transactions.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: Early trading and test-buying of Certificates and ETF as well as business assessment of the digital asset as new asset class.

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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