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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Emiliya Kubata

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Nationality: German

Residence: Japan

Field of study: Finance

University: Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics

Work experience: Banking and Consulting

Current affiliation: na

Current position: na

Why is Bitcoin interesting? The special thing about Bitcoin is that it is unique in its form and represents a truly decentralized system. Its philosophy has the potential to completely change the world as we know it today through its underlying technology. Bitcoin further challenges the status quo of ‘everything’ as it does not want us to rely on trust, but instead uses cryptographic evidence to secure and verify transactions, embodying a philosophical shift towards a trustless system where truth is derived from mathematical certainty rather than institutional authority.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: Personal interest and interactions with many different people working in the crypto and web3 space.

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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