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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Cristian Beza

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Nationality: French

Residence: 145 rue de Charenton, 75012 FRANCE

Field of study: Bitcoin Talents

University: ESME Sudria Engineer

Work experience: Work Experience As a co-founder of within the DAO ecosystem, my journey has been characterized by the innovative integration of blockchain technology into the insurance and financial sectors. Our mission is to revolutionize insurance through decentralized finance (DeFi) and regenerative finance (ReFi), creating resilient and transparent insurance products for a global audience. Key Projects and Achievements: – InsurBank Initiative: At the core of our venture is InsurBank, a platform that transforms the insurance industry by leveraging blockchain for enhanced transparency, security, and accessibility. We specialize in converting real-world assets monitored by satellites into digital assets, facilitating their trade on both centralized and decentralized platforms. This initiative underscores our commitment to digitizing nature and transforming fractional ownership into digital assets for sustainable investing. – Innovative Product Offerings: Our product lineup includes Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs), Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Spot Ethereum ETFs, and Spot ETCs. These offerings represent a significant leap towards integrating blockchain with traditional financial instruments, providing investors with novel opportunities in digital asset investment. – Digitizing Nature Through Satellite Technology: We excel in using advanced satellite monitoring to digitize real-world assets, focusing on agriculture, climate, and natural catastrophes. This approach not only supports sustainability and carbon credit trading within the ReFi ecosystem but also addresses challenges like sensor limitations and data privacy, enhancing asset valuation and market integration. – Transforming Fractional Ownership into Digital Assets: Our work extends to democratizing access to fractional ownership of real-world assets such as land, forests, oceans, and environmental credits. By tokenizing these assets, we enable investment in previously inaccessible markets, promoting sustainability and financial inclusion. Relevance to Bitcoin and Blockchain: Our endeavors at InsurBank and within the ARTedyX DAO ecosystem directly contribute to the evolution of the blockchain and Bitcoin sectors. By offering Spot Bitcoin ETFs and leveraging blockchain for environmental sustainability, we bridge the gap between traditional financial markets and the burgeoning world of digital assets. Our innovative approach to insurance and investment products demonstrates the potential of blockchain to transform industries fundamentally. Skills and Competencies: Through these projects, I’ve developed expertise in blockchain application, strategic fundraising, project management, and the creation of blockchain-based financial and insurance products. My work exemplifies a deep understanding of the regulatory and technological frameworks governing digital finance and a commitment to innovation within the Bitcoin and broader blockchain ecosystem. Vision for the Future: My goal is to collaborate on creating Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs), Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Spot Ethereum ETFs, and Spot ETCs, leveraging blockchain to innovate in the financial sector and enhance market accessibility and transparency.

Current affiliation: InsurBank ARTedyX DAO

Current position: Founder

Why is Bitcoin interesting? Bitcoin is fascinating because it lays the foundation for creating innovative financial products like Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs), Spot Bitcoin ETFs, Spot Ethereum ETFs, and Spot ETCs. Its blockchain technology not only pioneers decentralization in finance but also offers a platform to enhance market accessibility and transparency. This opens up new avenues for integrating traditional financial markets with digital assets, promising a future where financial systems are more inclusive, efficient, and open to everyone.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: My engagement with Bitcoin has primarily been academic, focusing on understanding its underlying technology, blockchain, and its implications for the future of finance. I have dedicated time to studying the principles of decentralized finance and cryptocurrency, appreciating Bitcoin’s role as a pioneer in this space. This scholarly approach has provided me with a solid theoretical foundation, enabling me to grasp the significance of Bitcoin in disrupting traditional financial systems and its potential for facilitating global, peer-to-peer transactions without intermediaries. My knowledge, though at a foundational level, has sparked a keen interest in exploring how Bitcoin and related technologies can be leveraged to innovate in the financial sector, particularly in areas like Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs) and ETFs.

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