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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Chris Semprecht

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Nationality: Deutsch

Residence: Hamburg

Field of study: History and Law

University: Johannes Guttenberg Universität Mainz/ Universität Antwerpen

Work experience: 10+ years in IT Strategy Consulting /CIO Advisory

Current affiliation: zeb Consulting

Current position: Senior Manager

Why is Bitcoin interesting? – Appeals to me because it empowers the individual
– Centers around the empowerment of the individual, take ownership, strengthens position towards state and institutions
– Demands and finally rewards responsibility, patience and courage
– Strong individuals find solutions to difficult problems, take responsibility, face risks, become entrepreneurs

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: My path to Bitcoin can be summed up as follows: Came for the tech, stayed for the values. I learned to understand Bitcoin as the greatest savings tool for us to store and preserve our hard-earned money, which is censorship resistant and enables self-sovereignty. That is very important to me personally but also especially empowering for people in countries that even have less sound money than we do.
Both professionally and privately, I have become increasingly involved with topics relating to blockchain technology in recent years. Initially starting with curiosity about possible new use cases that this technology could enable, I later gradually focused more and more on the Bitcoin ecosystem, especially in my private life.

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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