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Bitcoin Talents Profile – Andries Volschenk

By March 11, 2024No Comments

Nationality: South African

Residence: Tel Aviv-Yafo

Field of study: Identity and Currency within Transactionalism, and Digital Tax Transformation

University: Vienna University of Economics and Business

Work experience: My working career started as an advocate in the High Court of South Africa, drafting, negotiating and litigating civil- and commercial agreements. I found that I was much better in negotiating contracts than litigating them and stepped out of practice in 2020 to co-found my first business, a specialist brand conversion agency. I quickly realized that I was a high-functioning conceptualizer, a natural innovator, and a bad manager. So I decided to focus on co-founding innovative startups, that opened up and developed new markets and market segments, with dynamic and creative people who could actually manage the business afterwards. I also played a bit with providing venture- and seed capital to other bright minds with good plans for business. By 2016 my entrepreneurship appetite was satisfied, and quite by chance found myself in the real estate industry, selling houses. I had a knack for it, it was fun, and I quickly moved over to commercial property brokering for which I had a better knack. It was a bit less fun, but a lot more lucrative. An opportunity to relocate to Central Europe came along in 2019 and off I went. The move to Slovakia enabled me to take time off to reevaluate and recalibrate. In 2021 I started mentoring pro bono for a Singapore-based social-entrepreneurship incubator, and also consulted for a reusable packaging startup based there. In 2023 I relocated to Israel for an 18-month stretch that is proving to be fantastically-traumatic, and one of the most valuable things I have ever done. By the middle of this year I’ll be moving to Spain, and from there I shall be looking at unlocking new opportunities in decentralized transactioning and foodtech.

Current affiliation: I am not currently affiliated.

Current position: Sitting at my desk.

Why is Bitcoin interesting? The meaning of identity in terms of BTC.
A deep interest in the dynamics of establishing and managing trust between contracting- and transactioning parties.
The sovereignty of the individual to transact freely and independently.
The possibilities that lie within the decentralized economy created by BTC.
The manner in which BTC reestablishes the fundamental transactional tenets of worth, value, and the exchange of value.
The curiosity to see how the establishment will attempt to destroy it.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: I own and acquire BTC as store of value. I have not yet transacted using BTC.

LinkedIn: Profile Link

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