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Nationality: Swiss

Residence: Zürich, Switzerland

Short Bio: I’m a Swiss Fintech & Crypto Entrepreneur with a Master’s degree in Digital Business. I have over 20 years of professional experience in the financial industry and I’m passionate about combining business innovation with the latest technologies. As a proud patchwork dad of three kids, I balance my family life with my interests in travel, football, and digital trends.

What fascinates you most about Bitcoin? Bitcoin’s most captivating aspect is its evolution into a comprehensive ecosystem, far surpassing its initial hype. This dynamic environment is fuelled by the ingenuity of some of the world’s brightest minds and talents, who are constantly innovating and creating new products and services, thereby continuously expanding and enhancing its capabilities and impact.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: Since 2016 an active contributor to the Swiss crypto ecosystem and it all started with the bitcoin rabbit hole.

Your favorite Bitcoin influencer (or source): The one and only Andreas Antonopoulos.

Fun facts about you: I’m addicted to bitcoin X (twitter) 😉


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