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Nationality: Italian

Residence: Zurich, Switzerland

Short Bio: Doctoral researcher in the field of Molecular Biology focusing on skin diseases and inflammation.

What fascinates you most about Bitcoin? Money is the foundation of every society. Gold has been used as the money of choice throughout history because of its properties, and Bitcoin is the digital reincarnation of gold. This gives Bitcoin the potential to revolutionise our monetary system and our global economy.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far: In my quest to comprehend Bitcoin, I delved into self-directed studies covering the history of money, finance, macroeconomics, and geopolitics. Additionally, I took part in the inaugural Bitcoin Talents program to solidify my knowledge. The newfound expertise led me to share my insights actively through presentations and podcasts. Leveraging my background as a trained scientist, I try to offer an objective and analytical perspective on Bitcoin.

Your favorite Bitcoin influencer (or source): Jeff Booth (


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