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Nationality: Dutch

Residence: Florence, Italy

Short Bio: Alexandra (LLB, MSc, MAS) is the Founder & CEO of Thrilld Labs, a Web2.5 solution that lets Web3 projects, VCs and Angel investors assess each other to instantly talk funding, business and partnerships. Ex-Radom Network, she writes her monthly “Alex’s Word of Web3” analysis, provides open-access workshops, publishes for the Cointelegraph, and is also a mentor to DLT and NFT Talents. Her (academic) background is in law, political science, hospitality and crypto trading.

What fascinates you most about Bitcoin? As a systemic thinker and builder, I’m fascinated by the paradigm shift BTC and Web3 offer societies at large. As a non-tech Web3 advocate, I’m excited to contribute by spreading the word of BTC towards a new area of economic organization and inclusive financial progress.

My touchpoints with Bitcoin so far:  Learning, trading.

Your favorite Bitcoin influencer (or source): Check out my industry updates here


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