DLT Talents - Samantha Lawrence

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May 2023

DLT Talents - Samantha Lawrence

Nationality: British

Residence: Birmingham, UK


Field of study: Marketing and design

University: 2003

Work experience: 15+ years experience in Marketing and Project Management

Current position: Project Management


Why is blockchain interesting? Blockchain holds immense importance and has the potential to make a transformative impact, especially in emerging markets. By leveraging blockchain technology, these markets can leapfrog traditional infrastructure limitations and accelerate economic growth. Blockchain enables secure and transparent transactions, facilitates financial inclusion for the unbanked, reduces corruption, and empowers individuals to have greater control over their assets. It unlocks new opportunities for trade, investment, and entrepreneurship, propelling emerging markets into the forefront of innovation and economic development.

My touchpoints with blockchain so far: I've been an investor in cryptocurrency since 2018 and I took the leap to learn about Blockchain technology in 2022. I stay up to date by attending Web3 events, joining communities and taking courses.


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