NFT Talents - Xingcen Zhou

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August 2022

Xingcen Zhou

Nationality: Chinese

Residence: Berlin, Germany

Field of study: Bachelor of Arts in Interaction Design

University: SRH University of Applied Sciences

Work experience: Creative XR design & development, Digital Artist

NFT entrepreneurship

Current affiliation: X-IMMERSIVE, NFTs4Peace 

Current position: Freelancer and Co-Founder

Why are NFTs interesting?

  1. It up-levels established technology to provide services such as certification and origin tracing.
  2. It opens up lots of new potentials for art and social impact.
  3. The space is new so the limitation is only bounded by our own creativity to come up with meaningful use cases.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far

  1. Make digital art as an artist
  2. Foster peace and unity at our startup NFTs4Peace using the Power of NFT and impact-oriented digital art communities
  3. Collect NFTs of digital fashion

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