NFT Talents - Wiranya Chobchai

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August 2023

NFT Talents_Profile_Wiranya Chobchai

Nationality: Thai

Residence: London, United Kingdom

Field of study: MBA

University: Warwick Business School

Work experience: Accounting and Auditing

Current affiliation: MBA graduate

Current position: MBA graduate

Why are NFTs interesting? NFT has the potential to improve the customer experience through art, music, and games, thereby enhancing virtual engagement. In addition, NFT generates more business opportunities for growth and development in marketing and other areas across a variety of industries.

My touchpoints with NFTs so far: I worked with a fintech advisory firm to develop DeFi strategy initiative for one of the financial institutions. This draws my interest in the broader perspective of Web3, including NFT. Additionally, this inspired my dissertation topic on blockchain technology.

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